Five Things to Know About Cindy Celis


Follow Cindy Celis, Edge's Creative Director, on her personal Instagram, (and now her Edge Instagram) and you’ll see her passion for people is evident. No selfies here; her feed is filled with photo after photo of smiling faces, from happy clients at gorgeous events to shots of her three kids on the soccer field.  

She’s thrilled to bring that boundless energy, creativity and positivity to her new role as creative director where she’ll spearhead new product rollouts, serve as a liaison for wedding and event media, and work closely with clients to design and execute cutting-edge events in Southern California.

“I love working with growing companies and bringing them the success they deserve,” says Celis, who previously was director of sales for Luxe Linen and is currently serving as vice president and director of education for Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA). “EDGE is literally is on the edge of greatness, and I can’t wait to tap into the energy Devynn and Edwin have created and take it to the next level.”

Get to know more about this fun-loving, driven event professional.

1. She’s a social butterfly.

“I inherently love and have a passion for people. My life statement is an old cliché, but it fits: If you love what you do, it’s not a job.”

 2. She’s always seeking out fresh inspiration.

“I love to read and look at wedding magazines, and I started journaling again. I love spending time chatting around a table with my industry friends—that’s when I am most inspired and get excited about what my next project should be!”

 3. She’s not a sales person.

I feel the word ‘salesperson’ is generic and has no meaning. I love connecting with people and building strong friendships and partnerships. Someone once asked what three words describe me, and my [answer was] connector, communicator and relationship builder. If this makes me a good salesperson, fabulous—but I feel like I’m so much more.”

 4. She puts family first.

“My greatest passion of all is my family, and I spend a great amount of time with them either at home, on mini staycations or on a soccer field (or sometimes multiple fields on any given day). I created a hashtag for us, #celisstrong, that really describes who we are. It reminds me of how strong I am and connects me to my family, who give me strength.”

 5. She’s a fro-yo fiend.

I am not a foodie but am learning to be. My favorite foods are French fries and frozen yogurt—I love Menchie’s and take my kids there almost every Friday to start our weekend.”

Liese Gardner